On January 22, Green Dash project kick-off event took place gathering the project partners – Latvijas Pasts, PostNord, innovation movement VEFRESH, Rīga City Council, and Bruntor, as well as the representatives of the EIT Urban mobility.

GREEN DASH project is set to improve last mile deliveries and utility service provision in collaboration with national postal delivery companies Latvijas Pasts (Latvia) and PostNord (Denmark), and Rīga City Council. Focused on addressing the escalating challenges posed by the surge in e-commerce, GREEN DASH aims to deploy and refine electric cargo scooters as a practical solution.

In a partnership with Rīga City Council, GREEN DASH is actively working towards creating a seamless utility service provision solution for cities. The pilot program will unfold in the historic Old Riga, where utility workers will test and provide valuable feedback on the EV cargo scooters’ functionality in diverse geographical and weather conditions.

Key project objectives:

  • Testing and improvement of Bruntor EV cargo scooter: the goal is to create a robust and efficient electric cargo scooter tailored to meet the demands of modern urban logistics.
  • Utility service provision solution: collaborating with Rīga City Council, Bruntor extends its focus to create a convenient utility service provision solution for cities.
  • Environmental Impact and Efficiency: the overarching mission is to improve overall logistics efficiency and alleviate urban traffic congestion. By embracing electric cargo scooters, GREEN DASH project aims to significantly reduce air and noise pollution, contributing to a more sustainable urban environment.

As the project unfolds, building on the insights, policy recommendations will be developed to contribute to the advancement of sustainable urban logistics practices in cities.

Green Dash project is co-financed by the EIT Urban mobility.