The Next Frontier in Connectivity: 5G represents a technology that enables city systems in different areas to respond faster, work more efficiently and provide new solutions, bringing tangible benefits to our citizens. That is why Riga has launched a state-supported initiative to develop its own Cityverse with focus on developing new AR/VR solutions, AI-driven services, real-time data analytics across the city and innovations in autonomously controlled transport, including drones, thus benefiting local communities in areas such as: education, improved public safety and introduction of new urban mobility solutions.


5GData solutions and IoTMobility

Riga and Turin to test and introduce automated drone technology for improved public safety To promote public and environmental safety while equipping the Riga Municipal Police with the latest technology, […]

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5GEnergy and ClimateMobility

The project CITYAM equips cities with tools to improve airspace management in dealing with emerging urban air mobility and scaling drone operations. Urban Air Mobility (UAM), its increasingly important role […]

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