Rīga has emerged as a pioneering testbed for startups and companies eager to deploy and test cutting-edge solutions in the realm of sustainability and climate action. With a strategic focus on becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030 , Rīga offers the city infrastructure  as an environment where technological innovations can meet the real-city challenges.

Since technology plays a pivotal role, the primary aim of Rīga’s testbed is to accelerate the development and deployment of solutions that would help to achieve city’s priorities and make Rīga an environmentally friendly and livable city for its inhabitants.

Collaboration between the city, industry and academia is at the core of the process, fostering new partnerships and collaborative projects. Rīga supports various initiatives such as hackathons, incubators, accelerators, ecosystem events, and competitions to accelerate the development of new impactful solutions. Rīga also has internal initiatives to foster the culture of innovation and sustainability within the city.

Key benefits

  • Access to city infrastructure (streets, engineering networks, public spaces, building belonging to municipality)
  • Fast track deployment
  • Point of contact during the piloting process
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Showcase opportunities
  • Sandbox data access