What is GEO RIGA?

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What is GEO RIGA?

GEO RIGA is a centralised publishing platform of geospatial data maintained in municipal structural units created by the Riga City Municipality. GEO RIGA serves the municipality to initiate a dialogue – data exchange with society, providing access to geospatial data about the administrative territory of Riga City to various societal groups, including residents, neighbourhood activists, investors and entrepreneurs, innovation creators and researchers, other state and municipality institutions.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of GEO RIGA is to give an easy and simple access to the geospatial data held by the municipality – to view, combine and use the data for own needs. The availability of data that reflect the current situation in the city increases the transparency of the municipality work and allows the user receive data services easily and conveniently, supporting social and economic initiatives. In the GEO RIGA thematic maps, it is possible to view the basic data of Riga in various combinations, including cadastral and address information, graphic parts of Riga territorial plans, information on the immovable property of the municipality and its companies, waste management in Riga and other data.

What the benefits are?

GEO RIGA provides remote and convenient access to the geospatial information held by the municipality, allows to combine various geospatial information available on the portal without using intermediaries – licensed software or paid services, reduces the need for individuals to turn to institutions for information and advice, gradually, it will ensure effective communication and feedback, for example, for public consultation, survey, and similar cases, supporting the society’s desire to be informed and participate in the city’s development processes.