Save the Date: November 29 – December 1, 2023. Contribute to a cleaner, smarter, and safer urban mobility landscape by participating in the third Urban Mobility Hackathon!

Hosted by Innovation movement VEFRESH, in collaboration with RTU Science and Innovation CentreRiga City Council, and EIT Urban Mobility, the hackathon promises to be a place for growing innovations. In just 48 hours, local and international teams will come together to create solutions that make cities cleaner, safer, and smarter.

The Urban Mobility Hackathon 2023 focuses on four core challenge areas:

Urban Logistics: Streamlining the movement of goods within cities, reducing congestion, and minimizing environmental impact.

Energy and EV Charging: Finding sustainable energy solutions and enhancing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to promote cleaner transportation.

Smart Grid: Developing intelligent grid systems to efficiently manage energy consumption in urban areas, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

5G Mobility: Exploring the potential of 5G technology in improving connectivity and communication in urban mobility solutions.

Whether you have a startup, a well-established team, or simply an innovative idea, you are encouraged to participate. Even if you don’t have a team, the organizers will help you find the perfect match to bring your idea to life.

The Urban Mobility Hackathon offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, growth, and a chance to win a share of the EUR 10,000 prize pool. Plus, the potential to pilot your innovative solutions in the real life.

Mark your calendars for November 29 – December 1, 2023. You can join this event from anywhere in the world, as the event will occur online.

Find out more and register now at Let’s work together to create a sustainable and efficient future for urban transportation.